SEA Facilitators

The aim of the Sales Educators Academy is to bring together the knowledge and experience of the best sales teachers in one place.  Included below is a list of the facilitators for the 2021 Sales Educators Academy.  

Keynote Speaker: Tim Riesterer – Chief Strategy Officer for Corporate Visions and Decisions Labs

  • Leff Bonney – Florida State University
  • Casey Chapman – Executive Vice President of Strategic Growth at Wickshire Senior Living
  • Andre Dixon – Baylor University
  • Howard Dover – University of Texas – Dallas
  • Eli Jones – Texas A&M University
  • Greg Marshall – Rollins College
  • Rob Peterson – Northern Illinois University
  • Ellen Pullins – University of Toledo
  • Jeff Tanner – Old Dominion University
  • Adrian Voorkamp – Director, Learning Deployment – Americas at Johnson Controls