We certainly hope that you will consider joining us for the Sales Educators’ Academy to be held virtually June 22-24, 2021.

For more information contact Dr. Leff Bonney at lbonney@fsu.edu.

Sales education is becoming increasingly important for today’s college of business graduates.  According to a recent study by the H.R. Chally Group, 82% of all marketing majors and 66% of ALL college of business students are headed for a sales related job.  While a host of conferences provide resources to sales faculty to conduct and present sales research, no such program exists for the purpose of exchanging best practices in teaching sales.

The 8th Annual Sales Educators’ Academy (SEA) hosted by Florida State University in partnership with Rollins College and the University Sales Education Foundation, seeks to address this challenge.  The goal of the SEA is to help sales educators of ALL experience levels improve their ability to teach sales students the skills and knowledge that these students will need upon graduating from business school.


Specifically, the Sales Educators’ Academy is targeted for:

  1. Experienced sales educators seeking to re-tool their course curriculum.
  2. Clinical faculty who may have valuable sales experience but who would like to learn more about how to leverage this experience in the college classroom.
  3. Faculty new to sales teaching.
  4. Faculty who are considering starting or who have recently started a sales center at his/her university.
  5. Adjunct faculty who teach sales on a part time basis.

Program Topics

The Sales Educators’ Academy is not a conference where attendees sit passively while presenters review a myriad of information. The goal of the program is to provide opportunities for participants to take an active role in the sessions. This hands-on, workshop format should give SEA participants tangible ideas that can be implemented in their sales courses for the upcoming semester.


Here are a few topics we will discuss at this year’s event!

  1. Looking 10 Years Back and 10 Years Forward – Listen to panelists from the very first Sales Educator’s Academy discuss how far sales education has come and where sales education is heading in the future.
  2. The Importance of Technology in Sales Education – COVID was definitely a wakeup call that sales students need to understand how to use technology in their jobs. This session will provide an update on the state of Technology in the sales field and provide ideas for how to incorporate it into their classes.
  3. Teaching sales students the importance of competitive positioning…great sellers understand their competition and how to talk about competition with customers. This session will provide some ideas for an exercise on competitive positioning for sales classes.
  4. How is corporate sales training changing? We will hear from sales training leaders from 3 different companies on how their sales training programs are evolving so we can give our students a better understanding of what to expect when it comes to sales training post-graduation.
  5. What is “Sales Enablement and why sales educators should care!”
  6. Hear 3 great ideas from the Innovations in Sales Teaching award finalists
  7. Interactive break-out sessions for meeting new sales educators and trading those valuable best practices.


This year’s Sales Educator’s Academy is virtual so space is no issue…we just need to know if you are attending by June 11th, 2021.  Pricing for this year’s conference is $199.00 which includes unlimited access to the conference events, the official SEA 2021 goodie bag, and access to session recordings following the conference. To register, go to


The SEA Eventbrite registration page which can be found here.


If your university requires an invoice to pay for the conference registration, please email the FSU Project Coordinator, Shannon Young, at styoung@business.fsu.edu.  She can handle your payment, documentation, and registration directly.

To pay via credit card, please continue to the Eventbrite page to complete the registration process.




Please register before June 11th, 2021.


If your university requires an invoice to pay for the conference registration, please email the FSU Project Coordinator, Shannon Young, at styoung@business.fsu.edu. She can handle your payment, documentation, and registration directly.”